AT THE age of twenty one a disillusioned Will Prince packed away his guitar and decided that the music business was not for him after all. But ..

THIRTY FIVE years later “in a moment of madness” he decided he had unfinished business and with a renewed focus and determination to write solid guitar-based music, he set to work.

“MY interest was always in music written for and played on guitars, mostly rock but also melodic acoustic music” says Will.

“There seemed to be so little guitar orientated music in the mainstream compared to when I first played. I’d put on a Led Zeppelin album – and there would be a track with a heavy guitar riff followed by an acoustic track, and it just worked”.

IN recording the album “Distant Lights’’ he came together with London-based guitarist/music producer Joe Lonsdale and Nashville-based singer Chris Cron to create an original blend of US and UK classic rock. Melodic vocals, haunting acoustic guitars and a driving rhythm section combined to create a moody and powerful album exploring the darker side of humanity.

DISTANT LIGHTS” is set for release in the Autumn, but you won’t have to wait until then to get a taste of the music as an EP titled ‘Digital Dust’ was released on June 24th.

IT contains three tracks from the album, all of which have been remixed and remastered. The lead track “Blind Leading The Blind” has been specially remixed by the legendary Stones/ Frampton collaborator Chris Kimsey. The three tracks are “Blind Leading The Blind”, “Roll The Bones” and “Looks Like Rain”.

“I have to say that I really loved the three tracks I was sent”, says Chris …

“I’m fortunate that I can pick and choose who I work with, and these songs really touched my heart”.

“IT WAS the lead vocals that really smashed it for me, and those Americana tones and harmonies have not been heard in popular music for far too long”.


THE title ‘Digital Dust’ followed a chat with manager Steve Blacknell” recalls Will – Steve said that if we didn’t release a taster then the album might just gather dust on the shelf. I remember thinking as music is mostly digital now, he must be talking about digital dust!”.

Following on from the Digital Dust EP, Looks Like Rain was released as a standalone single and attracted widespread interest including from a Hollywood filmmaker seeing the track shortlisted for a major feature film. Looks Like Rain has racked up over 200k views on YouTube.

Danse Macabre is the only single release of a track taken directly from the Distant Lights album, previous single and EP releases being remixed and remastered versions of the album tracks.

Will says “The lyrics for Danse Macabre were inspired by the 1493 painting of the same name. The painting depicts 3 skeletons dancing over the grave of a fourth while a fifth skeleton plays a flute. It is an iconic painting and vividly reflects the fears and beliefs of the time. Anyway, who doesn’t like a song about skeletons?” The video for the single sees the skeletons from the painting brought to life and has been viewed over 200k times on YouTube.

Trevena currently has over 25k monthly listeners on Spotify and has reached a further 1.3m listeners on Spotify play lists.

There are no plans to release any further singles from the Distant Lights album. The New Year will see Trevena back in the studio working on tracks for a second album.

Will from Trevena speaks to Ian Leigh on Delux Radio about the album Distant Lights

Release date 18th November 2022

Release Date 21st October 2022

Release Date 19th August 2022

Release Date 24th June 2022

Distant Lights Album

Roll The Bones
Danse Macabre
One More Drink
Maybe This Time
Blind Leading The Blind
Thinking Of You
Looks Like Rain
Drift Away
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